Transmission Repair In Your RV: Why This May Be Even More Critical Than Transmission Repair In Your Truck

Transmission repair in your car or truck is headache enough. The minute a mechanic utters "transmission repair," you cringe because you know that it is expensive. You can either suck it up and have the repairs made or choose to junk your vehicle. It is a tight spot to be sure. 

However, you might not have such an "easy" time of it making that choice when the transmission repair is in your recreational vehicle (RV) and you are visiting family for the holidays. An RV with a bad transmission is worse than a car or truck with a bad transmission, and an on-the-road RV in need of a transmission is the worst of all. Here is why repairing the transmission in your RV is even more critical than repairing the transmission in your car or truck.

An RV Is Not an Easily Controlled Vehicle 

When you stop to think about it, an RV is not an easily controlled vehicle. This thing is a heavier, larger, and less maneuverable vehicle than a heavy-duty pickup truck. The transmission in an RV is key to making sure you are able to maneuver it at all. When the transmission bottoms out of an RV, you lose complete control of it. The RV will shimmy all over and even flip in one direction if it is in drive mode and you are going fast enough or going downhill. You definitely do not want that when you are just trying to get to your family for Christmas.

An RV's Transmission Does Not Give You a Lot of Warning Signs

Well, at least you will not feel as many warning signs as you would with a car or truck. In a passenger vehicle, you can feel the gears slip every time you shift. In an RV, when you shift, the shift mechanism travels a longer distance down underneath to the transmission, which makes transmission issues almost imperceptible. You may think the RV is shifting just fine and that there is nothing wrong with the wheels or axles, but if you were to look underneath, you would find a different story.

If you are able to feel the slightest shifting issue in your RV, stop. Do not drive that vehicle until you are able to get it to a mechanic and have the transmission checked out. In fact, you should have it checked out a week before you travel, just to be sure. For more information, visit a site like