Regular Axle Maintenance Will Save You Money

Everyone would agree that regular vehicle maintenance is extremely important. Many states require annual or biannual safety inspections a vehicle must pass before it can be registered or the registration renewed. For those with lower incomes, especially if they also live in a state with high automobile insurance rates, such as Michigan, this can be a financial hardship.

Unfortunately, if they want to stay on the road, not to mention be safe, vehicle maintenance should be in the monthly budget. Fortunately, properly maintaining a vehicle will prevent more costly repairs or part replacements down the line. Axle maintenance is one of those. Here is what you need to know.

What Are Vehicle Axles?

The axles are what your wheels rotate on. In many vehicles, the engine turns the driveshafts, which are two rods, one in the front and one in the back. Attached to each end of the driveshaft is an axle, and these four axles rotate the wheels with the help of a constant velocity joint. They all work together with the transmission to propel the car forward or backwards.

What Needs To Be Maintained On Vehicle Axles?

The seals can sometimes leak, and the axle will lose the lubricant that keeps it running smoothly. Debris and water can also enter once the seal is compromised. The axle joints can also become worn over time and will need to be replaced. Axle shafts need to occasionally be removed and inspected or cleaned, lubricated, and replaced.

How Do You Know You Have A Problem With Your Vehicle Axles?

Usually, your vehicle will begin making strange noises if something is wrong with one of the axles. You will likely hear a "crunching" noise. This is from the axles trying to power the wheels but not doing a very good job of it. Left un-repaired, eventually, the car will cease to move at all. It will start per usual, the wheels just won't become engaged. This issue may also cause transmission damage if it is driven without the necessary repairs.

Another sign of axle damage is an odd vibrating sensation that feels almost as if the vehicle is shuddering or it makes a rumbling noise This may be more apparent when taking turns rather than driving straight.

Driving when you know you have an axle issue can be extremely dangerous as it may snap while you are driving. This may cause you to lose a tire and/or lose control of the car, resulting in an accident or worse.

While vehicle maintenance is cheaper than vehicle repairs, membership in an auto club, such as AAA, can help. In addition to roadside assistance, which will save on emergency towing and other services, you can usually get reduced rates from the AAA certified auto repair services they partner with. Contact shops like Huntington Beach Transmissions for more information.