Three Signs Of Engine Trouble

Your engine is without a doubt the most important component within your vehicle, as it is the source of power for all the other systems and is what actually makes your car go. However, as a result of its central role in the operation of your vehicle, your engine experiences a great deal of wear and tear through normal operation, which can cause a number of mechanical issues which can negatively affect the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Understanding what some of the warning signs of engine trouble are can help you identify issues early and head to a mechanic to have them fixed before they turn into full on automotive problems.

Strange Sounds

One of the first signs of engine issues that will manifest itself is any sort of irregular sound while driving. Engines will of course create a great deal of noise while turned on, especially while driving at higher speeds, but as soon as that noise begins to drown out the radio or normal conversation, or if the sound takes on a strange quality, you should head to a mechanic straight away. Strange noises include knocking, grinding, or banging, all of which can point to a mechanical issue which is actually causing physical damage to your engine.

Black Exhaust

Another hard to miss indicator that your engine is not functioning properly is if you notice that your exhaust smoke has turned a dark black color. This is usually because oil has somehow managed to enter your engine and mix with the fuel that is being burned, though it can sometimes point to a clogged filter or another mechanical issue with the engine. This can lead to decreased engine performance, and can also cause physical damage to the moving components within the engine that can be more complicated and expensive to fix.

Metal in the Oil

If you suspect that your engine is not operating at its normal capacity, you should take the time to inspect the oil reservoir. Taking the dipstick out should reveal the quality of the oil: if there are any small flakes of metal within the oil, you should schedule an appointment straight away. These metal flakes are being rubbed off of the moving parts of the engine, which occurs when there is not enough oil in your vehicle to properly lubricate the engine. A specialist in auto repair will be able to assess the extent of this friction damage, and guide you in the best course of action moving forward.