A Vehicle That Keeps Running Out Of Gas

Have you stopped traveling to distant locations in your vehicle because it consumes a substantial amount of gas? Does getting the problem inspected and repaired seem too expensive because your vehicle is a foreign make? No matter what the price to repair the vehicle might be, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. You don't want the problem to develop into something that is more serious and expensive to repair. Find out what might be wrong with your vehicle by browsing through the information in this article.

Something is Contaminating the Gas

There is the possibility that your vehicle is running out of gas in an untimely manner due to a problem with contamination. When fuel becomes contaminated, it can get thicker than it is supposed to be. The thickness is the result of dirt or other debris mixing with the fuel. It is difficult for thickened fuel to properly pass through the lines and make it to the engine. Find out if the fuel in your vehicle is in need of being removed, and it the lines need to be cleaned out.

Gas is Evaporating Out of the Tank

Did you know that it is possible for gas to evaporate out of the tank in your vehicle? Having to spend a lot of money to keep the tank full might point to something being wrong with the gas cap. For instance, if the cap doesn't fit in a secure manner, it makes it easy for fuel to evaporate. Take a look at the gas cap on your vehicle to determine if it is loose. If you are unable to tighten the cap up, you might need to take your vehicle to a mechanic so a new one can be installed.

The Fuel Injector Doesn't Work Properly

A damaged fuel injector can cause a vehicle to run out of gas fast. The injector is a valve that opens up and releases a mist of gas based on the amount of oxygen that the engine receives. Fuel and oxygen go through the combustion process to create enough energy for the engine to operate. The injector can have problems with the level of gas that is released into the engine when it is damaged. A mechanic can inspect the injector to find out if it can be repaired, but installing a new one might be necessary to prevent fuel from being wasted.

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