When Trucks Run Hot: How You Can Stay Cool

A transmission that runs hot in your commercial truck is a problem. When it causes excess heat to build up inside the cab and the air conditioning does not work either, that is an even bigger problem. Here is how (and why) truck transmission repair in conjunction with air conditioning repair can cool your truck down to a safer, better temperature for both you and the truck.

Transmission Running Hot

If the transmission is running hot, it usually means that the gears in more than one position have ground down and are now clunking and slipping. You have to use more force or "jimmy" the gear stick so that you can get the truck moving, get it to slow down or get it to stop. The transmission will also have several noticeable leaks and eat through gallons of transmission fluid. If you forget to put more transmission fluid in and there is a major leak, the transmission will run so hot that it will get stuck and send a lot of heat and unpleasant smells into the cab. Fires are possible, so it is important to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Cooling the Cab and Engine 

Once you fix all of the problems with your truck's transmission, it will not run hot or grind, slip, and stick. The truck will move as it should, and the temperature inside the cab of your truck will drop somewhat. This also helps the engine keep cool, since you are not gunning it to get the truck to work against a malfunctioning transmission anymore. However, a lot of that is easily reversed if your air conditioning is not working either. When you have your transmission repaired, have the air conditioning checked and repaired too. Then your cab will be very cool and comfortable, and your transmission and engine will be too.

Auto Service for Hot Trucks

While it may be an inconvenience and an expense you do not want to address immediately, fixing the transmission and the air conditioning obviously has some very good benefits to both you and the truck. Do not wait too long to have these systems repaired. There are plenty of auto service technicians near you who can even take appointments to have your commercial truck inspected and repaired so that you can work around your schedule and not miss work. The alternative--overheated truck and cab exploding or suffocating you from the heat and smells--is not something you want to deal with in the middle of a work day.