Four Maintenance Tips For Your European Vehicle

European models are highly-praised because of their superior detail and luxury, as well as their high-quality craftsmanship under the hood. Keeping these benefits in your vehicle begins with proper maintenance; here are a few tips to get you started.


Make it a habit to have all belts inspected on a regular basis. Whether it's a belt that aides the power-steering pump or the belt that helps power the alternator, a belt that is worn can keep a vehicle from functioning properly. Recognizing that a belt is worn before it fails can save a great deal of stress and money. Request that your belts be inspected with each oil change to stay on top of this concern.


If you park your vehicle in the same spot every day, such as the driveway or garage, make sure you are checking under the vehicle for any signs of a leak. Should you notice any fluid, being able to recognize the fluid can help you better determine what type of repair is necessary. A green fluid is generally antifreeze, brown fluid can be brake fluid or engine oil, and a pink or red fluid is generally transmission fluid. If you recognize a leak, have the vehicle serviced promptly.

Brake Fluid

Poorly maintained brake fluid leads to a reduction in braking power and an elevated risk for brake system damage. Check the condition of your brake fluid routinely. Brake fluid should be brown. Black fluid is an indication that it is very old and that it needs to be changed immediately. Fluid that is light brown is often a sign of condensation buildup within the master cylinder. This is also an urgent matter as condensation can cause wheel cylinder damage.  


Batteries are designed to last a considerable length of time; however, this is only the case with proper care. Inspect the condition of your battery once a month to look for white spots. These white deposits are the result of acid from inside the battery leaking out and coming in contact with the air. If left unaddressed, it can corrode the clamps and wires and eventually cause the battery to fail. If you notice this buildup, pouring a small amount of hot water over the area will generally help.

Taking your vehicle to a technician that is certified to maintenance European models is critical. From design to mechanisms, the inner workings of European vehicles are different from American made models. Only rely on professionals that are well-versed on the inner workings of your vehicle.