6 Indications Your Vehicle's Transmission Needs Attention

It's always a good idea to get your car or truck checked over if you've noticed certain signs that indicate automatic transmission issues large or small. You'll learn whether the problem is a relatively inexpensive one to fix or whether you're facing a pricey situation. If the estimate is an expensive one, you can start considering whether to proceed with repair work, continue driving the vehicle as it is, or start thinking about getting a different one.

Symptoms That Indicate Transmission Troubles

Leaking Fluid

Transmission fluid is red. If you've seen reddish or reddish-brown fluid on the garage floor or the driveway, there may be a leak somewhere in the system. However, this could be power steering fluid, so you'll need to get a definitive diagnosis.

A Lag in Shifting

You might notice that shifting takes a bit longer when you press down or let up on the gas pedal. It might seem a bit rougher, as though someone is shifting with a manual transmission without much practice. You may notice that it takes longer to accelerate.

Strange Noises

Clunking or thudding noises that occur when the vehicle shifts into a different gear may accompany a lag in shifting. Another noise that could be transmission-related is a buzzing or whining sound.

Delay in Moving After Shifting

Sometimes a transmission in need of repair work causes a delay in motion when you put the car in reverse or drive. When the vehicle does finally move, it may do so with a jerk.  

Slipping Gears

Slipping gears involve the car changing gears for a moment or two for no apparent reason. If the transmission shifts downward at too high a speed, the engine will rev up noticeably. If it shifts upward when you're traveling slowly, the momentum will feel sluggish. It may feel like the car has slipped into neutral for a second or two.

Loss of Higher Gears

If your car won't shift above second or third gear, you know you have transmission troubles. However, don't start thinking about junking the vehicle just yet. This type of problem sometimes is caused by a vacuum leak, which is relatively affordable to fix.  

What You Can Do Now

If your car or truck has any of these symptoms, bring it to a transmission repair shop or auto mechanic garage to get a diagnosis. The mechanic may want to start with a transmission flush, which may rectify the problem if dirty fluid is the issue. If the flush doesn't resolve the problem, you can obtain a quote on more extensive repair work and decide how you want to proceed. 

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