3 Ways to Ensure That You Will Need a Mobile Truck Repair Service

If you drive a semi truck or other commercial vehicle with five or more axles, there are steps you will undoubtedly take to secure your vehicle before driving off with a heavy load. While following these safety steps should be second nature to any commercial truck driver, sometimes things can be overlooked. If you find that you are the type of truck driver that actually fits the following criteria, you might want to form a lasting friendship with your local roadside repair service. You'll surely need it.

Overload your vehicle as much as you can, and you'll be towing or hauling far above the weight requirements for your specific vehicle. Not only is this a danger to your truck, but it's a danger to anyone around you on the highway. Overloaded trucks are more likely to put unnecessary wear and tear on your tires, axles, and hitch. And if your axles have one too many overweight trips, they can break, leaving you in need of a big rig tow service.

Don't worry about the condition of your tires. After all, with a fully loaded trailer, you have eighteen of them. Even so, if any of your outer tires blow the damage can extend to—you guessed it—other drivers. Debris from flattened tires can fly out considerable distances from the vehicle, especially when the blowout is under tremendous amounts of pressure. So if you don't take the time to check your tires, you can end up with a difficult flat and being the cause of potential hazards on the road. Then you'll definitely need a tow.

Forget engine and internal parts maintenance. You'll love having a mobile truck repair service for a blown head gasket due to engine negligence. The prices on roadside repairs like this can get costly. If you keep your truck's engine clean, your fluids fresh and at their appropriate levels, and maintain your truck's beautiful soul from the inside, you'll operate nice and smooth. Omit basic engine care, and you'll no doubt need to call on your friendly repair service, most likely from the shoulder of the highway.

Overlooking these three simple things can wreak more complex havoc than you would first think, but when cared for properly, you can maintain a comfortable level of trucking safety. If you ever find yourself roadside in need of repairs, you can count on a mobile truck repair service like C L Enterprises to get you going again.