Do Your Part For The Environment By Going Green With Your Vehicle

Today, more and more people are rightfully concerned about their personal footprint on the environment. One way some people choose to help out is by participating in a carpool in order to cut down on the amount of fumes they put into the air. But if that's not realistic for you, there are still other ways you can "go green" while continuing to drive your own car. Here are three ways you can help limit your environmental footprint while driving, and you just might improve the life of your car as well.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Everyone has heard that a car needs regular maintenance, but did you know that sticking to a set schedule can also be good for the environment in addition to your car? Maintaining engine performance, replacing the air filters on a regular basis and even making sure your tires are properly inflated can help reduce your emissions and fuel consumption. Schedule a regular appointment at your local auto mechanic and stick to it, even if there's nothing obviously wrong with the car.

Dispose of Fluids Properly

If you're going to change your own oil, make sure that any motor oil or other fluids get recycled or disposed of in a way that is not going to harm the environment. Chances are your local auto repair shop may even have a fluid drop center to make this easy for you. If you're not sure how to properly dispose of the fluids, consider taking the car into the auto shop and let them handle the entire process.

Keep Your Current Vehicle Long Term

Every time you buy a new car, your old one ends up sitting on a lot somewhere until it is resold. Continuously purchasing new cars every couple of years also encourages car companies to build even more cars, and they go through plenty of materials in the process. You are only one person, but if you make it a point to keep your car in good condition for the long term, you are at least doing your part to cut down on waste.

You don't have to be in a car pool to be an environmentally friendly driver. Follow a maintenance schedule to reduce your emission output, always dispose of car fluids safely, and stop buying a new car every couple of years to help cut down on the amount of waste that is created every time a new car is built.

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